That's me

It's never too late to start something that makes your heart ring

I am a doula and naturopath for psychotherapy out of passion. And I'm a “late bloomer” because I didn't follow my heart professionally until I was in my early 50s. On the one hand, because at the time my 4 children were standing on their own two feet and on the other hand, because I first had to learn to understand myself before I could help other people.

Recently a good friend lovingly called me "a wise old woman." I took that as a compliment. A wise old woman has a lot of patience and empathy. Due to her life experience, she understands a lot without words being spoken.

During my psychotherapeutic work, I also had frequent contact with expectant mothers who had to struggle with fears during pregnancy and before the delivery of their child. Hypnosis and imagination therapy, among other things, helped to transform negative feelings into confidence and joy. I wanted to support these women not only before, but also during and after childbirth. They should have positive memories of their birth trip. And so I did additional training as a Doula.

The first inquiries about childbirth support came during my training. Since then I have been "on duty" regularly and I love it!

Heutzutage wird uns vermittelt, dass eine Frau nicht allein in der Lage ist, ein Kind zur Welt zu bringen. Es wird suggeriert, dass eine Geburt nur im Krankenhaus sicher ist und es ohne PDA, Wehentropf und Kaiserschnitt kaum geht. Das schürt natürlich Ängste. Deshalb ist es mir ein ganz besonderes Anliegen, den Frauen das Vertrauen in ihren Körper und in ihre Fähigkeiten zurückzugeben und ihnen während der Wehen immer wieder Mut zu machen, sie zu massieren, ihre Stirn zu kühlen – kurzum: die werdende Mutter zu bemuttern.

When a new mother says to me at the end: "I would not have made it without you" and the accompanying midwife thanks me for the good cooperation, I go home with the good feeling that I have made a valuable contribution to the beginning of a new life . And that fills my heart with joy!

My qualifications:

  • Naturopath for psychotherapy

  • Hypnotherapist

  • Doula (birth companion)

  • Stillcoach