For a good start into life, because it does matter, how we are born!

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Doula - your personal birth companion in Hamburg and more

Anke Wosu

pregnancy and birth are significant events in a woman's life
She wants a positive and easy way into life for her Baby. Today, we know that the way a child is born, has a crucial impact on its physical and mental health throughout its life.

When the woman, while giving birth, is accompanied by a trusted and experienced woman all-around, she needs less to no painkillers. Medical interventions are required less often than when she has to experience changing staff and times of being alone.

Therefore, I accompany you with loving care and competence on your birth journey, no matter how long it lasts. It is my job to be there for you all the time, to support you, to encourage you and to create a good atmosphere. I will gladly fulfill your wishes as far as it is in my power.

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Wherever you want to give birth

I accompany you in the clinic, the birthing center and also during a home birth together with a midwife. However, I don't do planned single births. 14 days before and after EDD (estimated due date) I am on-call for you and will come at any time of the day or night when your labor starts.
Throughout our contractual time, you can always contact me, when you have questions, worries or fears.

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Further offers related to your pregnancy

As a naturopath for psychotherapy, I help you deal with grief and traumatic experiences. Together we will find a way to minimize the fears and worries that burden your pregnancy so that you can relax and enjoy the time until your baby is born.

If you are not feeling mentally well after the birth of your baby, you are not alone with it. More women than is commonly known go through depressive moods, feelings of guilt, failure, self-doubt and being overwhelmed after the birth of their child. I will help you to find a way out of the crisis.

Not being able to conceive is often not just for medical reasons. Your soul plays an important role in all physical issues.
Current stress, as well as negative experiences and beliefs on both sides of a couple could become obstacles on the way to becoming parents.

I'd be happy to help you in fulfilling your wish to become pregnant by talking about it, energetic treatments (e.g. EFT) and a special fertility massage. These methods can also significantly promote the success of medical fertilization measures.

Blessingway is an old Indian tradition in which the expectant mother is empowered and celebrated with beautiful rituals and good wishes for the birth and the transition into parenthood. I usually organize and moderate the celebration for the pregnant woman, but also at any other desired location. Such an event is always a nice surprise gift from friends, colleagues or family.

Every participant brings something to eat and drink.

I charge 240 € for a two-hour party, the organization and required material.

Closing The Bones (La Cerrada) is a wonderful ritual for women after childbirth, but also for every other transition into a new phase of life. You will be wrapped tightly in large cloths from head to toe by two Doulas. That will give you a feeling of security. It helps you to regain your body, to feel your core again and to come back to yourself completely.

If you like, you can take a scented or flower bath beforehand. We initiate the relaxation part with a light hand and foot massage, before we lovingly wrap you in our “Rebzos” (Mexican shawls).

This ceremony lasts approximately 2 hours. Your investment will be 240 €.

The TFM (therapeutic woman's massage) is not a classical massage. In a gentle way I only give the body impulses for change; reinforced by inner images. It helps to remove blockages and let the life energy flow again.

I offer this massage as a "women's wellnes massage", because I do not perform any physical healing treatments, but work accompanying and supporting on a wide variety of physical and mental issues:

- problems to conceive

- "Mom massage" to accompany pregnancy from the 4th month on and for holistic birth preparation.

- after miscarriage

- in the revitalization of tissue after childbirth and the puerperium

- on menstrual and other related issues

- during the transformational times of womanhood

- removing blockages in the body-mind-soul system and much more.

If you wish, I can also come to your home. Travel costs from the 21st kilometer € 0.50 / km.

Your investment for 60 minutes pure relaxation: 80 €

Let`s talk about money

Doula services are not covered by the German statutory health insurances.
If you are privately insured, talk to your provider whether they pay at least part of the services.

Even if you think you cannot afford my services: let me know. We will find a way to make it possible, e.g. by paying in installments.
I would be happy to provide you with addresses to social institutions that may be willing to cover part of the costs.

A nice option is to have friends or family give you a voucher as a gift. You can buy a voucher here:click]

Every woman should have the opportunity to be cared for and supported during her journey through labor